Here’s a little bit about AS9100:2016 Rev. D

Below are some information regarding AS9100:2016 Revision D  ( AS9100D ) and it may change:

AS9100:2016 Revision D ( AS9100D )  has been published.

We have started updating client documentation to be audit ready for AS9100D version early 2017.

All audits conducted after 6/1/17 must be to the new standard(s)

Last date to enter current version of aerospace standards into OASIS is 9/1/17

There will be a New OASIS database by 9/1/16; reflects new numbering system, other improvements.

If customer not fully transitioned and published in OASIS by 9/15/18, certification will be revoked

Transition audit will have time added to it – amount of time is based on risk etc. which is about 1 day.

AS9100 Revision D ,includes all changes from ISO9001:2015 ,

Registrars will conduct a transition audits by early 2017.  The transfer process and certification decision to the previous version of the AQMS standard must be completed prior to the transition audit

A company can transition during a surveillance, re-assessment or special visit.  If during a surveillance or special, the same certificate expiration date applies.

A customer will get ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D ( AS9100:2016 ) (or current version of AS9110 or AS9120) at the same time

New certificates shall not have an expiry date past September 14, 2018


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