Here’s a little bit about popular Standards...

Below are highlights of some of major standards used in the industry:

ISO 9001 - Quality Management Program

The most widely recognized of quality standards is the ISO 9001, it is a basic quality management system that can be used in industries of any size and type. Registration to ISO 9001 provides objective evidence that a business has implemented and satisfied the basic requirements of a quality management system.

AS9100 - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Product Manufacturers

This standard incorporates all the elements of ISO 9001, plus additional elements to meet the Aerospace & Military Industries requirements. This standard includes critical elements of military specifications and requirements.

AS9110 - Requirements for Aviation Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance Organizations

International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) developed this standard in response to new demands for requirements that address the MRO-specific concerns on reliability, safety and air worthiness. AS9110 defines criteria’s for the maintenance and repair of components for FAA related commercial and military aircraft.

AS9120 - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors

This standard was specifically designed for aerospace distributing vendors known as “stockist distributors” or “pass-through distributors” to the aerospace, commercial and military, airline industry. This standard excludes the following AS9100 clauses: 7.3, 7.5.2

ISO 13485 - Requirements for sector-specific Quality Standard of Medical Device Industry

Medical devices perform lifesaving activities and therefore it is demanding higher quality criteria’s. Companies that adopt and implement an ISO 13485 quality program partake in a world-class approach to medical device design and development and manufacture and distribution as well as servicing of the devices. Registration to ISO 13485 includes required product accountability and organizations compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements such as the International Device Directives and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and 21 CFR 820 QSR, Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), maintenance of documentation,  product traceability and record retention

ISO 14001 - Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for managing environmental impacts

Every manufacturing company in the world has a potential to affect the environment and its impact even extends beyond the industrial realm. Any company whose products, services or day-to-day activities have an impact on the environment needs to be aware of ISO 14001. This standard is internationally  recognized for environmental management. It is predicted that ISO 14001 to become a prerequisite for doing business globally. Customers want to hold manufacturers accountable for trending measures of conformance of aspects against its commitment to reduce carbon foot print.

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