Here’s a little bit of what we can do...

What we offer for MAINTENANCE of your Quality System


Quality System

Create DCNs for document, quality manual or procedural changes

Update Procedures and Work Instructions

Revise Quality Manual as necessary

Maintain distribution of documents

Document, follow-up and investigate NCR and Corrective Actions - internally and external

Initiate Preventive Action - for continuous improvement - if necessary

Collect data analysis pertaining to production..


Technical support on forms and Quality Management requirements to employees

Train employees on quality standards

Maintain training database

Update employee matrix as necessary.


Review Maintenance Log

Update Equipment Maintenance database

Review Calibration database


Coordinate Supplier Questionnaire

Evaluate and process Questionnaire

Update & Maintain Approved Supplier List - remove or add vendors

Initiate and complete evaluation of supplier corrective actions

Verify that all requirements flow down to suppliers per standard

Collect data analysis pertaining to suppliers


Complete customer audit surveys

Follow-up and answer Corrective Actions

Represent the company for on-site audits

Communicate with customer regarding any findings

Verify contracts for quality clauses,

Collect data analysis pertaining to customer focus


Create reports and chart all areas of data analysis

Initiate Management Review and record minutes

Create Management Review report

Conduct Internal Audit

Create Internal Audit report

Facilitate meeting with management to review reports

Coordinate Equipment Calibration database

Prepare for annual Registrar visit

Complete review of Quality Managem

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